Telemainia Information Request


We get several requests for information about this popular affiliate program for Phone Actresses. Recently I received an email from one young lady asking if we ever get complaints about this company.

As of this date we've only had positive feedback from Telemainia affiliate/contractors. The following letter came in the form of an email we recently received from a happy affiliate.

These are the usual types of responses that we get in regards to this company.

Bob Tucker


Dear Bob,

Telemainia is a great place to work, because it is the first company of its kind in my experience; that works with you to and help you grow your income.

I love working for this company and it's the best career choice I've made-to-date. Trish is the current manager of the Phone Actresses, and she does a wonderful job at providing us with all the tools we need to be successful. She is professional, easy to talk to, and will do anything to help you grow.

Trish has helped me so much since I started working there. I have had many issues with working on chat Lines in the past, but she has taken time with me to squash those problems. Thanks for everything Trish!

You're a Rock Star in my eyes. I just can't say enough great things about you and the company. Telemainia has a great team of people that will help you through any problems you face while working for them.

I've worked here for almost 6 months and I have to say that the Actress-Team is the best I've ever been associated with. All the people managing the company are caring, smart and they have a great sense of humor. Overall a great company to work for!

Hey thanks for listening and I've been enjoying your Webinars on Money Making from Home. They have been enlightening for sure.

I learned a lot; however I really think I'll stick to being a Phone Actress for now; as it pays so well. I can also make my own hours and work from home or from my new car or even when I'm out back by the pool.

I can call and book on from anywhere I am because the work is all over the phone.

And its a lot of fun!

Donna M.

Telemainia Information

Telemainia Information Request - TeleMainia job reviews have been very positive.
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