Why Keywords Back Links and Link Exchanges can Improve the Bottom Line of Your Online Home Business

There are lots of techniques that can be used to improve the ranking of your online home business on the major search engines—Google, MSN, Yahoo, Ask, etc. Why do you want to improve your site's ranking? It remains true that most internet searches start with a check of one of the major search sites. Therefore, it is a worthy goal to try to make sure that your site comes up when potential customers are looking for what you have to offer in your home business. If search sites are able to deliver your website to the computer screen of your potential customer, you may be on your way to a sale—with absolutely zero spent out of pocket for additional advertising. Cutting expense is always good for any business--and online business at home is no exception.

(And advertising can be expensive.) All you would need to have done to achieve this free advertising would have been to tweak your website in ways that the search engines appreciate, and have it float up toward the top of the listings. But how show you do this? Search engine logarithms (formulas that that search sites use of determine what is relevant and what is not) have become more and more complex as the internet has matured. This is so that the Google and the others can deliver up precisely what the searcher is looking for, with minimal duplication or irrelevant content. It is no longer sufficient to simply list your site in a few online directories to achieve good ranking.

The more successful the Google searcher is in finding what he/she is looking for, the more likely it is that that individual will return to that search engine for their needs the next time. One way that search engines use to find relevant content is through keywords. A keyword is just a word or phrase that identifies what you are promoting. Search engines first set about the task of finding an exact match for what the searcher has entered into the search box.

If it is a popular search, there will be a vast number of web pages that have some relation to the search term used. If the search was placed in quotations, then the exact phrase will be pursued (if not in quotes, the search site simply looks for the individual words no matter where they may appear on a page. So then, it is important to use the proper keywords—ones that prospects for your product might use when looking for what you have to offer. If your product or service is very unique, it may be easier to select key words that are very specific, and therefore probably used less often, which results in a smaller number of results.

Your market is then more targeted. This can be a positive thing because then you are sure that the prospects who search that term desire specifically what you have to offer in your online home business--for instance, "crossword puzzles for children" is a rather specific category. If you are selling to the business opportunity seeker, however, you'll find that the search terms can be very popular and therefore harder to specify.

Definitely, if there is something particular or unique about your product, this should be reflected in your choice of keywords. What benefits does your product offer that the prospect is looking for? Additionally, you can do a quick check of keyword popularity tools to determine any other terms searchers are using to find the kind of product you have. Make sure that your key words appear in the proper place on the webpage. By editing your HTML source code, you can find the correct location of your keywords and specify the keywords you prefer. Some search engines look for keywords in a specific place, while others can spider sites to get a sense of overall use of specific terms on a webpage.

It is good to learn more about the preferences of the various search engines so that you can optimize your webpage for the search they are conducting. Formatting such as bolding, placement of keywords within a page title, or keywords appearing as a hyperlink can achieve greater significance in search engine page rank, also. Link exchanges are very popular among webmasters because search engines recognize and still reward a site that is linked to another one, preferably related in subject matter. Having multiple mutual search links with other sites is not only a factor in achieving page ranking, but will likely render much additional traffic in and of itself.

But what is really more preferred by the search engines are backlinks. Backlinks are those one-way links from another site not related to your own. Detection of a backlink "tells" the search engine that there is another site on the web that considers the content of your site to be so valuable that they wish to direct their own traffic there, with no reciprocal link required. But beyond the backlinks that may come as others recognize the value of your site over time, you can create backlinks yourself. How? One method is to post comments regularly on large website forums, preferably on sites that are somehow related to your own. At the conclusion of your posts, at the bottom, you may place a "signature" which includes a line about your site and gives its URL.

Presumably, if you have posted interesting or valuable comments, readers will want to visit your web site to see what other insights or valuable products you have to offer them. Using your posts to "advertise" the site itself is generally considered a no-no. It is better to write interesting posts related to the thread of the forum topic, and then allow the reader to find you via your website link in the signature if they wish to do so. Another very often used method of achieving backlinks is to write articles and post them on internet article directories. Articles tend to stay published for a very long time, so a good article can provide some additional traffic flow for years—so long as your topic is interesting and still relevant. Still another way is to submit your web site to online web directories—some charge for this, even though many are free.

One thing that the internet does very well is to remember. It remembers forum posts. It remembers articles. It remembers links and backlinks. It remembers your listing in web directories. It is this inherent memory that can serve to greatly improve your bottom line.

Do the work once to optimize keywords, and to achieve some one-way and two-way linking, and you may financially benefit for a very long time to come.

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