Promoting Yourself and Your Website Through Articles

Getting known on the internet, both you and your website, can be tough. Working hard building backlinks, partnering with other sites, participating in forums . these are all great ways to promote yourself and your website. They are also very time-consuming, as you are placing each "advertisement" manually. There must be a better way of internet marketing to publicize. Well, there is.

It's simply writing articles. Placing the articles you write on article directories helps you both now and later. Websites love new content, partially because search engines like Google love new content. When you provide your new content to the article directories, websites are allowed to pick it up and use it for free, provided they use the article in its entirety, and keep your resource box intact. The resource box is your little blurb at the end about you and your website.

Everytime your article is picked up, you get a free one-way backlink from the site. This really helps get your website in front of search engines. Websites and new pages get picked up faster, and your page rank goes up.

The better the article, the better the free advertising you get from it. Now, as a consequence of having a better reputation along with a ton more backlinks to your site, your traffic will continue to rise. The more articles, the more traffic. At least 2 new articles a week is a good goal. And here's the best part .

because people see your name all over, as well on related websites, you become an expert. This serves to massively increase your sales. Having your website loved by search engines and massive increases in traffic and sales.

That's the whole point of doing internet marketing in a nutshell. All it takes is writing a couple of well-done articles a week. Most articles are 400-600 words. For the time and price, other internet marketing methods can't compare.

Anthony Kristovich III is the owner of, an article directory, where authors can submit articles for free and publishers can get great free content.

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