How to Make Prospects Stalk Your Sales Letters Without Fail

Stop making your sales letters look like ad! Yes, many of times we simply look over the fact that people don't like to read ads—unless you're a rabid marketer who loves to study how other business owners or entrepreneurs market their products or services. Time after time, if you look over the Internet there are too many sales letters that just shout: "I'm an ad!" And yet they wonder why their responses are so low and day after day, their profitability seem to go down without fail. You see, stop making your sales letters look like ad. I say we change. It's time us smart marketers change our ways so prospects get stopped in their tracks whenever they arrive at any one of our sales letters! But how would you do this? There are many ways, and if you would put a little bit of child like creativity you'll find almost everything you need in your brains. People come online to read articles, they've come online to find as much information as they can about something they want.

And therefore when they come online, a resource of knowledge would be valuable and appealing to them. So for example, since people come online to read articles—what can you do to improve your readership and influence your prospects' mindset to assume you deliver value in your sales letters? Yes—it's simple! Make your sales letters look like article. And, this isn't something hard to do. In fact, you can begin changing your whole business today so it delivers information of value, and present your sales message altogether in one same template which looks like an advertorial or average article published on the Internet. Other than training your prospects' minds to think you've presented them with yet another article of valuable information, you also get to bring a ales message to them without raising too much objections at all. But is this an ethical strategy? Here's what: if you continue to present people who looks up to you for valuable information and you did nothing but endorse products one after another without giving something back to them in return, that is more unethical on the moral side.

What you're doing here is conditioning yourself to continue delivering value to your appreciated prospects and customers as well, and will surely increase your business exponentially at the bottom line. Don't hesitate to add some personal handwriting notes, some scribbles, make your sales letter look like your personal diary. Make it look like a letter to your lover, a letter to a friend. In fact, you can even make it sound like it. Make it entertaining at times, but not at all times.

Sometimes the professional image just doesn't stick. Who knows, one small story or event told to your customers can ensure their loyalty with you far longer and deeper than all your marketing efforts combined until now. Copyright (c) 2008 Quick Turn Marketing International, Ltd.

A former college dropout, Dan Lok transformed himself from a grocery bagger in a local supermarket to a multi-millionaire. Dan came to North America with little knowledge of the English language and few contacts. If you're ready to take your online business to the next level, go to:

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