How to Make Money from an Online Business

Most people, who want to know how to make money from an online business go about it the wrong way, and that is why they fail. However, take the right steps and there is no reason why you should join them. There are specific rules in internet marketing that, if followed correctly, can lead to success.

Your first step is to decide what form your business should take. Do you have a product to sell? Have you an offline store that you want to promote online? Have you a specific service to offer, such as teaching people to play an instrument or how to embroider, or do you want to enter the wonderful world of internet marketing without having your own product and sell somebody else's? You can succeed in any one or more of these, and also any that has not been mentioned, if you go about it the right way. There are certain steps to take that can lead to your success. The first is to get a website. You need your own website for success in an online business. This might be a site that you finance yourself or one that is provided when you enter an internet business program that provides you with the website and products to sell from it.

The latter type of programs work for some and not for others, and it is entirely up to you whether you undertake one or not. Once you get involved in general internet marketing you will become more and more exposed to MLM (multi level marketing) programs that offer you free websites, or even genuine sales sites that provide you with a site from which to sell affiliate products. Many people find both of these appropriate for them, and there is little you need to do other than recruit others as you were recruited, or sell the products online with which you have been provided. However, let's look at the more traditional type of online marketing, whereby you have your own product to sell online. The first step is to find a web host.

Websites are provided by what are known as web hosts, that provide you with the web space on which to display your website to the world, and also the software needed to operate it. You normally pay monthly, and the cost can be from under $5 to over $50, although you can get a very good site for less that $25 a month. For that, you get webpage design software, unlimited email addresses so that you can have one for each of sales, admin, enquiries and each of your personnel and departments. You can also get autoresponders that answer all of your emails for you, and accept payments/deliver electronic products while you sleep. Your business can virtually be put on autopilot, and even print out order forms for physical goods for you to collect each morning. If you do not have your own product, your website can be used to sell what are known as affiliate products.

These are products that you are selling for the originator, or merchant, for a cut of the sales price. That cut can vary, but for electronic products such as software and ebooks, it is generally around 50%. That is a great deal. You get 50% of the sales price of every product you sell, and some can be as much as $97 or much more.

Many people make $10,000s monthly selling other people's products, but if you have your own product it is even better since you get 100%! You can then start up your own affiliate program and pay others 50% to make sales that you otherwise would not have had. You can make a lot of money online that way. Sometimes there is no need to sell a product at all to make money online. You can earn money by allowing Google to place adverts on your webpages by means of a program known as Google Adsense.

When you join the Adsense program, you allow Google to scan your web page and using their latent semantic analysis program (sometimes called latent semantic index) Google decides what the topic of your web page is. They then put adverts on your web page from the Google Adwords program, which are relevant to the perceived topic of your page. Each page is considered separately. Some people make a lot of money this way, though the average is a few dollars a day. However, if you are making $5 daily from a website, and then add one website a week, then within six months you will have 26 sites providing you with $130 daily, or around $4,000 monthly. Do that for two years and you are at $16,000 monthly.

The secret of how to make money from an online business is repetition: find what works and do it again and again and again. Even if you have only one product, sell it from dozens of websites. Apply repetition wherever you can and you will find it difficult to fail.

Not all of your websites will succeed, but enough will to matter.

Mike Littles is an expert internet marketer who specializes in running a successful home business. You can view his personal website at

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