Five Reasons Why the Number of Web Pages Does Matter

With all of the things you need to know about starting and running an online business, the details can seem overwhelming. Many new online business owners would rather ignore certain things until they become problematic ? but that's not necessarily the best way to be as a business owner. Instead, you need to start looking at things that doesn't seem to matter, as they are often the things your competitors are ignoring as well. For example, when you consider the number of web pages you have, there are some specific reasons why you should be counting these up.

Reason #1: More Pages is More Work When you have an idea to add a number of web pages to your site, you will inevitably be causing more work for yourself. It will take a longer time to create these pages, resulting in a possible delay in the finishing of your website. This means that you might not be getting all of the profits your website deserves. You might want to start out with only a few web pages to see how your visitors respond, adding more only as the number of visitors and return visitors grows. Reason #2: More Pages is More Work for the Visitor Just like a maze, a highly complicated website can often be more confusing to the reader than you'd like it to be.

Visitors that can not easily navigate from one page to the next will often go to another site where the navigation is simpler. You want the visitors to easily find what they are looking for, but when you have a number of pages, this can seem impossible and frustrating. Reason #3: More Pages is More Money When you are beginning an online business, every penny counts.

If you are just setting up a new website, you will want to realize that each new page you add is going to be a page that you need to pay a designer to create or a writer to write. This will add up. It may be more prudent to start off with just a few pages to see how visitors react and then add more if it seems like your visitors want more from you. Reason #4: More Pages Can Mean Less Content While this seems to be an untrue statement, think of it this way: would you rather read five web pages of good content or ten web pages of so-so content? You want to use only as many pages as you can fill with quality web content that a reader will learn something from. When you simply create pages to make your site look more extensive, you might be watering down the knowledge you can share with a reader ? and they will realize it. Reason #5: More Pages Can Signal More Time for the Visitor Since many website visitors want to find the information they need and then move on, you might want to limit the information they find when they arrive at your site.

When you have a lot of pages listed, it can make the site seem overwhelming and perhaps something that will be more time consuming than they bargained for. Short and sweet is the best way to be. While it's true that older websites generally have more web pages, this is only after they established regular site visitors. Since you might not be at this stage now, you will want to start small and see what responses you get. Chances are good that you will need to add more pages eventually, but that you will also want to remove older pages that aren't relevant anymore. That's the formula for success.

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