Fear of Rejection Overcome This Through Internet Marketing

How many people to you have to talk to to be successful in building a business? Had I asked this question 15 years ago and fully appreciated the answer I may have saved myself a lot of time and frustration. I was approached by a coworker that said she was having a "meeting" at her house that was about making money. I attended - afterall, who doesn't want to make more money?). Well after that meeting and a few other gatherings I became an Amway representative.

I was on my way to building a fortune. The problem was I didn't have a good appreciation on what I had to do to build that type of business. Had I asked my original question above I would have realized that to be successful in a business model like Amway you have to talk to a lot of people to build a downline. Yes - If you are willing to do that I'm sure you can make money in that type of business. So why didn't it work for me? FEAR! Plain and simple. I was afraid to talk to the necessary amount of people it took to build a successful downline.

When you talk to someone who has been financially successful with a business like Amway they will tell you that they made a commitment to "prospecting" any and all people that they came in contact with. Even total strangers. I could never bring myself to do that out of fear. That's why I failed. So why is MLM still around? Can the average person make money in multilevel marketing? Can you build a successful downline without face to face marketing? I am convinced that internet offers a sound media in which you can build a business! Think about it. You can reach millions of viewers through the click of a button to promote your product or business opportunity.

There is no face to face interaction, you can reach far more people than you could if you were network marketing over the phone or at a party or business function and you eliminate the fear factor. There is no fear of rejection if you can't see the person that is researching your opportunity. This is one of the main reasons that the average person fails at MLM - the fear of rejection. People do not want to be told NO.

Even a person without extensive business experience can attain success in MLM using the internet. We don't have to be average anymore! I made a conscious decision to build a better financial future for myself. Why don't you do the same? Research, investigate, discover, get excited, get involved, take action and go make some money!.

Peter Harris is not an internet marketing guru or a millionaire. He is just an average guy committed to improving his financial future through hard work, dedication, commitment and the internet. http://youcanmakecash2.com

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