Consider These Home Based Business Facts

Fact 1 The home based business arena is a $450,000,000 billion dollar industry. This is more than the pharmaceutical and food industry combined. Employees are leaving their regular jobs and setting up businesses in their homes because of extremely low start up cost and for flexible hours that normal jobs just cannot offer.

Forty four percent of all home based businesses require less than $5,000 start up cost. Not to mention hundreds of business opportunities that takes less than five hundred dollars to start up. A study in 2006 stated that one hundred and fifty million people enjoy the benefits and freedom of this massive industry which is growing daily.

Here are three facts to consider: 1) Ninety percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. 2) Eighty percent of all people making over fifty thousand per year own their own business. 3) Over eighty percent of America's work force beyond the age of thirty five realizes that their present job will not lead them to financial independence. People are taking control of their financial destinies and are searching for the right business to achieve financial independence. The home based business industry gives you the opportunity to achieve your goals and plans.

Fact 2 Family values are a huge topic for most Americans this day and time. How would you like to do the things you have always wanted to do? Stay home and be with family, be your own boss, have your own flexible hours and live the American Dream. Home based business allows people to be able to spend more quality time with their families and have more time for fun and hobbies.

They enjoy the flexible hours, the freedom to wear what they wish and the lack of dealing with office politics. In doing so, they also experience more job satisfaction. Home based business owners also avoid long commutes which attributes to less stress during commute times which would normally have them sitting in heavy traffic with the rest of the work-force. Working at home is a major way to satisfy these basic needs while it gives you the freedom you always dreamed of. Fact 3 You already know that the internet has changed the world and the way we all do business. Over half of all Americans now have high speed internet.

More Americans use the internet as the only resource for finding the information they are searching for everyday (Example- Home Based Business Information). Thanks to our internet world, it is possible for even the smallest home based business to have a fortune 500 look and an international reach around the world. New businesses are established every day in garages, basements, bedrooms, and even dining rooms and on kitchen tables. The SBA (Small Business Association) has seen numbers continue to grow in record numbers in the 21st century. All you need to operate a successful home business and join these statistics are basic computer skills, the desire to meet and help other like minded individuals, all while following your passion.

Fact 4 Look at where you are right now in your life? Have you accomplished the results you really want? Are you passionate about the industry that you have chosen? If not, there is more opportunity and this is why a home based business could be right for you. I don't know how long you have worked for someone else, but ask yourself, is it working? Are you making the money you are worth? I'm not saying working as an employee is a bad thing, but are you happy and making the money you really deserve. If not, chose to work for yourself in a home based business. Many people start out part time until they build up their business skills and income level needed to make it a full time business, and this could only take a few days, depending on your desire and focus. Once you understand the basics of the home base business industry and find what you are most passionate about, you are on the freeway to financial freedom.

Make sure you become a student in the beginning and find the right mentor that you can trust and this will help you to make better decisions. Entertain the above facts, they are astounding. Today it seems as if everyone has an interest in the internet. Become part of the quickest growing industry out there. If you want to be your own boss, have time to spend with family, achieve your financial goals, then follow your dreams into the home based business arena.

If you treat a person like the person you want him to be, he will do his best to become that person. Becoming a Wealthy Marketer is easy if you do things the right way and having the right mentors help. Our team has both. Having a home based business on the internet is lucrative and very profitable. Learn More -

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