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This is from Cody Moya's site pushing his "Resale Rights Pack" Date: Sunday, Apr 20 2008 From: Cody Moya "I do not want to write long letter to describe products. This is too big to list all of the details here. In short this is Giant Package of 200 Master Resell Rights Products." He then goes on to list just what the package contains.

Because the list is so long I am only going to list a few that I know about. The Classified List The Forum Lists Just how many people are going to be working off of these lists? The trouble when you "buy" a list is that there will be a huge number of people buying the same list and before too long the market will be flooded with the other people who have paid for the same list that you were sold. Buying Property with Little or No Money Down Right! Some one should explain to Cody just what has happened to the real estate market in the last couple of years is in large a result of Buying property with little or no money down . Fast Selling Products Once again just how many people are going to be selling these "Fast Selling Products"? At some time the point will be reached where everyone will be selling them and there will not be anyone left to buy them. How to be a Mystery Shopper How to Get Paid to Shop I`ve tried this and let me just say this, you will find that the money you make from these programs will not even cover the the cost of the products you buy let alone the money you will spend for gas getting to the stores. What! You thought this would be shopping over the internet? Guess again.

You have to go out into the real world to do the shopping. Here`s three reviews from prople who have spent Their money on Cody Moyas programs. Don from Nashville, TN USA. "I am trying to learn internet marketing and have tried numerous programs.

I purchased the Classic Gold Movies program from Cody Moya, which is a membership that costs $29.95 per month. After I made my purchase, I had to leave the page I was sent to. I have not been able to return to that page, have not received any information from XODO,Inc. on how to log into my account.

I have emailed, filled out complaints via the customer service page he provides, even called and left a message on the phone line I have gotten from paypal. Nothing. I have received no benefit from the program at all and cannot get any help from anyone. My paypal account is continuing to be debited the $29.95 fee every month. I feel like I've been swindled and have tried several times to contact anyone associated with this person.

I can't even find anything related to the Classic Gold Movies anywhere. Is this just a scam? Well, I don't know what else to call it. Maybe it is not, but when I can't get any help and my money is being siphoned off, that's how I feel." "Gizmo" from Planet Earth.

"I signed up for Cody Moya's free 200 products, and was hopping to get some good items to resell on my site, so I waited for the username and password he says he will send you. When I did get the username and password, to my surprise, it did not work and he never emails me back. However, he does like to send many emails to me and when I tried to unsubscribe it didn't work.

I still get many emails and no software, so for me it is a bad experience with Cody Moya. I hope others have better luck than me." Anonymous from Los Angeles, CA USA. "Cody Moya is a big time spammer. ZendURL closed down and, somehow, Cody Moya got hold of the ZendURL subscribers list and he incessantly spams any email address available to him.

I support anyone who legitimately profits from their internet business, but Cody Moya is a scammer, and once he has your email address, you can forget trying to get him to stop SPAMMING you." After reading these reviews and seeing just some of the things that Cody Moyo offers in his " Resell Rights Pack" I hope you have enough sense to look elsewhere for a way to make money.

Cody Moya a Sham? Get an Objective Opinion on this marketing Guru

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