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Many more consumers are purchasing online every day, which could be the main reason the internet is so huge when it comes to marketing products and services. Thanks to the dot com boom of the 90's, consumers have slowly changed the way purchases are made and consumer transactions are done. There could be many other factors to help this theory, but the dot com boom is the main one. Currently, round two of the dot com boom is much healthier because both the supply and demand sides of the equation are at an all time high. Not only are people purchasing things off the internet, but they are looking for information on the internet and they are looking for a way to make their living in some cases off the internet.

Thanks to the upgrade in infrastructure, higher daily usage of internet marketing has developed, and businesses are reaching bigger audiences all the time now. However, while this is the one and only reason for the initial boom in internet marketing, there have been other reasons to come along in the interim to increase the importance of internet marketing to the average online businessperson. One of the ways in which this has been seen has to do with the spending rates that companies can use in order to get results online. Since free advertising exsists on the internet, a person or business technically does not have to pay anything if they don't want to.

Even if they do, rates are a fraction of what they would be offline. Online advertising rates can be considerably lower than offline advertising, giving a number of businesses the equal playing field they never had before for reaching the consumer. It is the bright future of marketing on the internet which is driving it's constant increase. More and more companies rely on internet marketing and so the future looks bright as the number of people joining the internet increases every single day. With both supply and demand growing with each passing day, the second dot com boom has a much healthier economy and that news in and of itself is enough to spur more investment into internet marketing.

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