Best Web Directories to Bring Traffic to Your Site

While most web directories are only good for backlinks and PageRank, there are still quite a few quality directories that will also send some traffic to your site. Unfortunately, most of the sites on this list do charge a listing fee, but they will provide solid value for your money. Exact Seek: (Free) The only free directory on this list, Exact Seek still has an excellent PageRank of 7.

Human editors ensure the quality of the directory and its categories, which helps drive surfers to your site when they search for your topic. Kingbloom: ($2) This is one of the newer, up-and-coming directories trying to make a name for itself in the paid directory market. Recently switched from a free directory, its nominal fee of only two bucks makes it impossible not to get your money's worth.

So far, I have seen a small trickle of visitors to all of the sites I have listed on Kingbloom, so it's worth a recommendation here. Alive Directory: ($34.

95) A rare directory that has a higher PR on its category pages (5) than on the home page (4). This site is promoted very heavily by its owner, so you can count on your link to provide consistent traffic over the long haul. Kwik Goblin: http://www. ($24.95) Another solid directory that provides good bang for your buck. Only $24.95 for a permanent link on a PR 5 site with most subcategory pages having at least a PR 3. Along with the PageRank boost, Kwik Goblin usually sends some well-targeted traffic to its listed sites.

Site-Sift: ($24.95 annually or $49.

95 one-time fee) In addition to providing an excellent free directory script, Site-Sift also has a great directory of its own. Their category structure is widely hailed as one of the best, making it easy for visitors to find your site. The directory home page has a PageRank 7 at the time of this article, with most inner pages showing a PR 6.

Skaffe: ($44.95) A bit more expensive, but Skaffe is one of the older, more established pay-for-inclusion directories and has a great reputation in SEO circles.

Most inner pages have PageRank 4 and will bring decent traffic if you list your site in an appropriate category. Skaffe also offers free inclusion for those wishing to volunteer as a category editor. Uncover The Net: http://www.uncoverthenet.

com/directory ($49.00) This is another one of the old standbys when it comes to directory submission. If you can afford it, you'll get a great PR 5 link and targetted traffic for only $49. It would cost you a little over two hundred dollars to purchase listings in all of these web directories. In exchange, you'd get some high PageRank backlinks and a traffic source that can help launch a new site or boost an old one. Link building costs are an investment in the future of your online business, not just a troublesome expense.

Choosing the best web directories to bring traffic to your site will get the most out of your link building budget.

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