A Place In The Sun To Feature The Alentejo Region Of Portugal

A television crew from the popular show "A Place In The Sun" has visited the Alentejo region of Portugal documenting the country and it's many attributes. Local Realty firms are expecting a marked increase in the number of property sales as people are awakened to the inherent beauty of this EU partner when the show airs later this year. While prices are still classed as at a premium in the Algarve regions there has been increased interest in the little known Alentejo region of Portugal.

Here prices are still very realistic and one can purchase a huge plot of land or a stylish villa for a fraction of the cost to purchase the same on the riviera. During it's visit the television crew where chaperoned by Mr Bert Snijder of Alentejo Home real estate who is regarded as one of the foremost authorities on the property market in the Alentejo region. After spending several days filming the crew seemed to be taken with the beauty of this part of Europe which is scheduled to appear in the show "A Place In The Sun" Needless to say that they were reluctant to leave and while shooting days of film footage they could only capture a fraction of the beauty presented to them. So why is this part of the world so attractive at the moment, one of the reasons could be that the Portuguese Government has decided to protect the Alentejo region and prevent it from being over-run by tourism and spoilt by overcrowding and urbanization. The Alentejo provides an environment that hasn't changed greatly in over 100 years a lifestyle that is relaxed where one can kick off the cares of the world and start living without stress. Are you thinking about Retirement.

Looking for that quiet place in the sun to kick back and relax, Cast off all the stress and worry of a lifetime of routine and hard work. Maybe you already know about the Alentejo our little piece of paradise where the days are warm and the lifestyle peacefull and carefree. Where your only concern will be which wine to have with dinner. And then watching the sun go down in one of the 300 sunny days this region has. Why just don┤t pay a visit to what is called the new Tuscany or Riviera.

You can fly in through Lisbon or Faro in the Algarve and you will not regret it. In the future you will be able to fly to the new international airport of Beja, in the heart of the Alentejo.

Alentejo Home Real Estate is an Authority on the legalalities surrounding property sales in Portugal, with 9 years experience and hundreds of satisfied clients they are the number one realtor in the Alentejo Region of Portugal. Alentejo Home Real Estate

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